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Hi , I am a 26 year old Private Investigator. 

My Conversation Skills using the English language tops that of an average Jane’s.

My mental health is clean slate. I do not have history of dependence on synthetic drugs and toxic medicine. I am physically fit and fully capable. My driving record is flawless. I am resourceful and I can really pretend well as a means of taking control of a situation notwithstanding orchestrating a result.

I do not maintain a social media following. The cause and effect that transpires in my real life are all low profile and covert from any grid. But boy if I do decide to rule over, pick the meanest girl you know and she won’t stand a chance. 

I can make friends with any husband or wife, bachelor or bachelorette in conditional circumstances and play that role with pleasure. But take into account control and discretion. I am good at taking photos while pretending I’m not.

**I own a reliable car.

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