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June 29, 2017
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How A Private Investigator Can Help You Win Your Child Custody Case

In order to understand the nature and purpose of child custody investigations, it’s important to understand what types of custody exist, and what class of custody you are seeking.


Legal Custody: Legal custody status gives a parent the right to make decisions regarding the child.


Sole Custody: Sole custody means that the child both lives with you, and you have the right to make legal decisions regarding the child’s affairs. The other parent may have visitation, but has no say over the child’s affairs or where the child lives.


Joint Legal Custody: If you have joint legal custody, both you and the child’s other parent has a say in decisions regarding the child. In the event of a major disagreement, the court may get involved.


Joint Physical Custody: In this case, the child splits their time between the custody of both parents.


Child custody cases can be an extremely grilling experience; however, hiring a Private Investigator to strengthen your case can help you significantly. Proof and facts obtained by carrying out a thorough investigation can strengthen your case by almost 75 percent. The court will always want to award the custody to the most dependable and responsible parent and for that, they tend to look deep into the case. The following points explain why you should consider hiring a Private Investigator to look into your child custody case.


Getting the Facts: A child custody battle is filled with emotional turmoil for both parents. During this time, it can be difficult to get the necessary facts straight as each parent provides information by filtering it through their own perspective. Private Investigators can verify these facts meticulously so as to determine the real truth which might be beneficial to your case.


Constructive Investigation: Parents generally have the wrong notion about custody cases. They believe that their main goal in such a case is to direct blame while spreading negativity about the other party. Conversely, they should focus on the positive points about themselves. Constructive investigations by a Private Investigator about your good traits as a parent can, therefore, be helpful.


Abuse and Neglect: Neglect and abuse of children by either party can be a determining factor in their custody case. Generally, it’s not wise to demean the abusing parent as an enemy, but in the event the abuse or neglect occurred, it is critical to incorporate this information along with the proof in the case you and your counsel have prepared.


Work With the System: One of the most critical aspects of child custody cases according to experienced Private Investigators is acknowledging the judicial system can not be changed overnight. The family court system may be confusing at times and it may seem like the court is not set up or working in your best interest. Going into this stressful situation with that in mind may help avoid surprises and upsets and you must plan to work with the system.


In custody cases, the court is tasked with determining the child’s best interests. In order to complete their task, the court has to consider all sorts of relevant claims and there’s no better way to support your claims than producing facts and evidence obtained by an experienced Private Investigator.


Without solid evidence, child custody cases often devolve into “he said, she said” arguments in the courtroom that are unlikely to result in an outcome that is in the child’s best interest.


Here’s how a Private Investigator can conduct a child custody investigation and gather the evidence you need to support you case:


Surveillance: By using physical surveillance techniques, a Private Investigator can document the child in the care of a parent and obtain evidence or neglect or abuse. Video surveillance has been known to uncover the use of drugs or alcohol (especially in the presence of the child) and the quality of the environment the child is living in with the other parent.


Witness Statement: Recorded or written witness statements are extremely beneficial pieces of evidence to have to support your case. Independent witness testimony carries considerable weight and can help paint a picture of the character, conduct, and suitability of a parent.


Background Investigation: A Private Investigator experienced in background investigation can provide invaluable information during your child custody case. Information such as a parent’s financial status (child support cases) and criminal record can weigh heavily on the outcome of the hearing.


Even if you try and maintain a civil relationship with the other parent during the child custody case, you may still run into problems. Talk to an experienced Private Investigator today with Pi-Hire, explore your options, and get the evidence you need to support the case in your child’s favor.

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