Getting Started

Pi-Hire is the only Freelance Marketplace which connects Professional Investigators and Clients from a diverse array of backgrounds together using one seamless platform. To get started using the site, the Pi-Hire Team has outlined a few points to consider to ensure the security and confidentiality of your experience.




  1. Some Investigators specialize in cyber/internet/social media investigations. Tracking down an individual’s internet presence has become a career for many of us. ENSURE that your USER NAME on this site is something that can not be associated with you, in the event you do not want your activities and assignments on this site to be easily identified. Your personal information can be shared with the investigator after the bidding process has started and you have identified an Investigator you wish to work with.


  1. Be careful about posting identifiable information about yourself or a subject of an investigation in the assignment description. We refer you to point number “1”.


  1. When searching for an Investigator or reviewing a bidders profile, be sure to read the reviews and experience posted for that Investigator. Not every investigation is the same and just as your Investigator will provide due diligence in the services he provides, we recommend you take the time to find the Investigator that fits your needs and the needs of your assignment.


-Please note, not all states require Investigators to be licensed. To date, the following states do not require licensing (there may be requirements at the local level): Alaska, Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Wyoming.


  1. As Professional Investigators, we appreciate the mention of a job well done. If your Investigator has been prompt, thorough, and has provided you with an outstanding experience, please leave a rating/review for the Investigator to be viewed by others in the Pi-Hire Community.


  1. All Clients should be aware that no specific result of an Investigation can be guaranteed. An Investigator can not guarantee that they will locate an individual, obtain specific video evidence, etc. Professional Investigators have the skills and knowledge to produce the best outcome for your assignment and should make every effort to obtain results; however, the result of an investigation can not be predicted or assured.




  1. After registration with the site, please send your credentials (if applicable) and licensing information to us at To speed up the process of access to the site, please include a PDF copy of your issued license (it may take longer if we need to track down this information). We will make every attempt to provide you access to the site the same day.


  1. Please include licensing information in your profile to include all of the states/locations you hold licenses in. If your state does not require licensing, please note this in your profile.


  1. Your profile is the place to brag about your experience and accomplishments. We recommend you upload a profile photograph and “sell” yourself to the Pi-Hire Community.


  1. It is against Pi-Hire policy to include external email addresses, websites, or telephone numbers in your profile or messages to clients. Profiles are closely monitored and this information will be removed, blocked, and may result in termination of your account if found.


  1. The commission rate that we retain from escrow funds is currently fifteen percent (15%). We intend to keep this rate low to ensure the growth of the Pi-Hire Community. PayPal fees may apply to the final amount you receive. We are one of the few sites that does not charge for posting assignments or bidding, and intend to keep it this way. NOTE: Pi-Hire suggests the investigator and client enter into a contract for services (not prepared by Pi-Hire). The investigator is responsible for the refund of any retainer (per your agreement with the client) directly, as this will not be returned by Pi-Hire, and the investigator will receive the full amount of the payment, minus Pi-Hire commission and any PayPal fees.


Our focus is to promote growth in the industry of Professional Investigations, and we need your help. We kindly ask that after you provide outstanding service to a client, any additional requests for service you receive be kept within the Pi-Hire Community.


– The Pi-Hire Team