Hiring a Private Investigator


Private Investigators, Private Detectives, and Professional Investigators have been a valuable asset to the community, legal, and private sectors for decades. Many people picture a man with camera chasing down a suspected cheating spouse when they think of the term “Private Detective”. In fact, while domestic cases do make up a part of the industry, many Investigators specialize in other areas.


What can a Private Investigator do for you?


Private Investigators can seek to answer the question of who, what, why, where, and when. They dig for answers and pursue the truth with persistence and dedication to their Client, you. Private Investigators put their client first and can dedicate substantial time and resources to getting answers. In many large cities across the country, law enforcement can sometimes be overburdened with their caseloads, something they have no control over as they are sworn to protect and serve everyone. Sometimes, what may be important to you may not be the priority of law enforcement.


If you find yourself in a situation where you are a victim of a crime that has occurred, a loved one went missing, or you feel that law enforcement is not able to help you, hiring a Private Investigator may be an option. Licensed Private Investigators may be able to secure evidence you need which may be admissible in the court of law in your jurisdiction. They can track down and interview witnesses, secure surveillance video before it is erased, or diligently pursue the last known whereabouts of a person close to you.


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Insurance and Legal


Some Private Investigators work strictly for insurance companies and attorneys in support of insurance claims investigations. Private Investigators in this field have extensive knowledge of the insurance claims process and work closely with state officials pursing convictions for insurance fraud. Private Investigators use surveillance, interviewing, photography and database techniques to provide insurance companies and attorneys with the best information about a subject to ensure they are moving in the right direction during the claim process.


Attorneys from almost every sector can benefit from hiring a Private Investigator. Criminal Defense, Insurance, Real Estate, Family Law, and Personal Injury attorneys can hire a Private Investigator to secure evidence in support of their case, identify and interview witnesses or opposing parties, and serve subpoenas.


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Private Sector


Hire a Private Investigator to obtain information or get answers to your questions.


Are you hiring a new employee for your small business?


Are you going through a merger or acquisition?


Do you need a background check?


Do you need to verify assets of a company or individual?


Are you attempting to enforce a non-compete agreement?


Are you looking for real property information?


The Private Investigators on Pi-Hire are here to help. Feel free to reach out to an Investigator to discuss your options or email the Pi-Hire Team via our contact form.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Investigator?


When you are in the market to hire a Private Investigator you need to ask yourself: What is the information I am seeking worth to me? Almost everyone will say that the cost of the investigation is minimal compared to the value of having the needed results, answers, and evidence in your hands.


Some Private Investigators charge an hourly rate or flat fee for services provided. Most of the time, when an investigation takes an Investigator into the field, an hourly rate is used. When Private Investigators are hired to complete tasks such as background checks, social media/internet investigations, vehicle/license plate searches, or criminal record searches, a flat rate may be used.


Hourly rates are typically determined based on the expertise and location of the Private Investigator.


Pi-Hire provides the platform for Clients to search for and hire a Private Investigator, read reviews, and compare rates easily. Many Private Investigators do not advertise their rates for services on their personal websites, making Pi-Hire the best resource for Clients to quickly compare rates for services.