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  • John Detty

    Private Investigator

    20 years experience 0 projects worked $75.00/hr

  • Gerald Garner

    Private investigator

    2 years experience 0 projects worked $60.00/hr

  • Recon Ryan

    Private Investigator

    19 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr

    I am Ryan Williams I am a combat military police veteran, I served two tours to Iraq. After my military service I became a federal security agent. I have skills such as; presidential security, asset recovery, case investigation work, missing person investigations, search and rescue, finding family members, reconnaissance of individuals, online investigations. Let’s get to the root of your problem. Recon Ryan is Ready! 

  • Chen Li

    International Intelligence Agent

    1 year experience 0 projects worked $25.00/hr

    My name is Chen Li and I’m an Intelligence Agent for the 2CIIA. I’m am trained in various types of investigation practice such as infidelity, insurance fraud, missing person(s), undercover, and with the proper evidence am even able to handle murder cases. I am trained in various forms of martial arts such as Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Wing Chun. I am also a trained marksman, swordsman, and freerunner. My goal is to solve my client’s cases in a timely manner and continuously learn from my experiences with them to better my skills to provide even greater quality services.

  • Christine Soltis

    Private Investigator

    9 years experience 0 projects worked $60.00/hr

    Private Elite Investigations was formed by Christine M. Soltis, who has extensive experience in the investigative industry with cases ranging from thefts, fire incidents, fatalities, slip and fall, motor vehicle accidents and subpoena service – just to name a few. 

    In addition to exceptional observational skills, Ms. Soltis has been an author since 2002, which guarantees detailed reports at the end of any investigation.

    Licensed and bonded in Pennsylvania which shares reciprocity with West Virginia.

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