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  • James Fillebrown

    Private Investigator

    20 years experience 0 projects worked $55.00/hr

    I have extensive experience in all areas listed in profile. I am a retired law enforcement detective and a licensed private investigator for over 15 years.  All of my work is done ethically, and each case developed with the clients, needs, budget and concerns .

  • Matthew Larkins

    Private Investigator

    25 years experience 0 projects worked $50.00/hr

    Professionally licensed private investigator with over 25 years of investigative experience offering the following services and others at request: Criminal Defense investigations(Accused of a crime), Identity Theft, Civil investigations(including child custody, paternity, infidelity, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Workers’ Comp Fraud Investigations, etc.), Electronic Counter Measures(Bug Detection), Skip-trace(Locate a person), Background investigations, Process Serving, and Alcohol investigations(Dram shop, Deaths, Underage, etc.). Contact me for a confidential consultation and reasonable rates for a P.I. that’ll get the facts that you need. I look forward to helping you on your case.

  • Chris Ball

    Private Investigator

    13 years experience 0 projects worked $35.00/hr

    licensed Bail Bond Agent and Fugitive Recovery Agent for 12 years

    i recently become a licensed private investigator. I have My own agency that allows me to take on the cases that I believe that I can get my clients results. In stead of taking every case that calls. I have a number of databases I use along with several vehicles to do covert surveillance in. I have multiple cameras and gadgets to allow my to get the job done and information to be sent to the client while on the road quick and reliable. I am honest if I believe another investigator would do a better job I’ll tell you and can even refer. If I take on a case your case is the only case that gets my time till completed.

  • Lereisha Duffie

    Internet Research Investigations

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr

    Hello! Collaboratively I have worked fulltime 5+ years as a Texas Licensed Private Investigator for a company that specializes in Investigations/credentialing of individuals in the healthcare industry. Most of our clients include facilities that are a part of the world’s largest healthcare organizations! I’ve also worked as a Retail Manager which involved Loss Prevention and live feed monitoring and surveillance evaluation. Such skills I’ve been taught and adapted over my career have led to the evidence trail and apprehension of numerous criminals by use of online searches, social media, and other aspects of investigations. I pride myself on the ability to locate and piece together bits of information to form one big picture! Allow me to assist you with your Investigations needs and locate the needle in the haystack!

  • Mark Farren

    Fraud / Claims Investigator

    10 years experience 0 projects worked $75.00/hr

    While the average hourly rate is $75.00, I find it best to agree on a flat rate for the investigation as a whole.  This will help you control your costs, as I firmly believe you should pay for the service and not the variables, such as being stuck in traffic, having to make multiple cold calls, and the like.  Please trust me when I say, the flat rates end up being more favorable to you, the client.  

    Hello, thank you for considering my business, I hope I can help.  I started my career investigating criminal matters and have since expanded to insurance defense and civil ligation investigations.  Over the years, I like to remain fluid and regularly investigate matters across multiple lines to include: premises liability, product liability, worker’s compensation, auto, and civil litigation.  I currently hold the Fraud Claims Law Associate designation (FCLA) designation through the American Educational Institute and am currently pursuing the Senior Claims Law Associate (SCLA) designation.

    Regardless of who hires me, my goal is clear: to gather material facts of probabtive value and present my findings in a neutral, unbiased manner.  Please understand, you should be prepared for me to discover facts which may not be favorable to your claim; however, you, as the client, will be the only party who will receive the information.

    If our interests line up, please reach out.  I hope am I am able to help you with your case.  No case is too small, and phone calls are free! So do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  Thank you again.  I hope to hear from you. 

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