Find a certificate on Patterson

Find a certificate on Patterson

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Katherine (removed) has actually had a first husband supposedly committed suicide. I was requesting to find if it is true & if there is a death certificate? She told me her name was (Catherine -removed) DOB May (removed) went to Southwest high school! Drivers License TX number is (removed) Spouse Name:Trevor T (removed) husband was age 30 Katherine at the time was 26 years old marriage June 30, 2002 no record of divorce Marriage file 096224 County code 439


Spouse Name: Jeffrey (removed). Married September 25, 2005 & divorced August 22, 2002 County code 220 in Tarrant county filed 084385 her husband Jeffrey’s was age 44 wife at the time she was married was 50 this research was found on


Another search engine called this search engine gave me a little bit different information and I’m gonna send it as a picture. I just want to be able to narrow down is there a death certificate on Trevor (removed) and if anybody die under suicide because the Tarrant county examiner will not give me the information. And the sheriff needs the dates to research and add to the case about her failing to render aid to some supposedly deceased person.

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Thank you; I look forward to hearing from you.

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