Investigate social connections

Investigate social connections

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Need P.I. extremely experienced in cyber and social media / networking connections. I already have a LOT of info that I have found on my own. Need someone who can take this info and find the other information that I have searched desperately for,  put it all together and give me the answers that I need in order for me to be able to close this chapter of my life. All answers can be obtained online for the right P.I. that knows how to uncover what has been well hidden. All I am asking for is the “truth”……something that has been withheld thus far. Everyone is entitled to honesty and truth….so I don’t think I’m asking for too much. 

As for the budget amount that I am required to list, that is somewhat flexible but hopefully with the information that I already have, it will assist in being able to complete this case more quickly. Once I have come to an agreement with a specific P.I., I will forward any info to the P.I. that might be helpful in bringing this case to a conclusion. 

Emilio Maldonado
Private Investigator
19 Years

We treat similar Investigations as we would a background check. It very much depends on what information is sought and from where, as well as what has been obtained already. We would need to discuss details before accepting the case. 520-222-8742

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Chris Ball
Private Investigator
13 Years

Depends on all information needed and timeframe

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