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For almost a year now, I’ve noticed suspicious activity around my home and from my neighbor and I’ve had to replace multiple door knobs on my house from being broken and most recently found a broken window latch. I have a feeling people have been watching me for someone. There may also be a gps tracker on our vehicle without our permission or knowledge because we’ve noticed many different cars follow us. I also noticed on my phone there was another device being listed on my security camera app that I don’t recognize and there’s a hidden network that shows up in my house on the wifi. I also found a mess under my house with insulation torn down and found something that looked like a mic. I feel like someone may be or may of tried to set me up please help me. I have advised police officers of the suspicious activity around here as much as I can and over time but I haven’t really gotten any answers or help yet. I’ve even noticed cars parked down the road at  odd night hours and found people bird watching in a vehicle near my home. I’m prepared to pay the right match for my assignment. I just need help please. Im just trying to be cautious. Any help is appreciated 

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John Detty
Private Investigator
20 Years

For this kind of work, I require a $2500.00 retainer, and charge at a rat of $75/hr. plus reasonable expenses.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss the matter further.

Note: The 6 week timeline is simply a place holder. This kind of work could be sorted out in a few days or take a few months.

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