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June 29, 2017
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The Signs of Infidelity and Cheating

Marriage is supposed to be sacred. Relationships are built on trust and honesty. However these days, marriages and relationships are often compromised. There are people who cheat and lie to their spouses on a daily basis and the victims of these actions suffer whether they know it or not. Some men and women in relationships or marriages become selfish and tend to think about their own happiness, without regard for the person they present themselves to be loyal to. Cheating and infidelity are one of the major reasons why most marriages fail, and the statistics are shocking.


Most of the time, when you confront your significant other about cheating, the suspicions you already have make it very difficult to properly determine fact from fiction. Unless you have solid evidence or proof, the majority of cheaters will never admit their wrongdoings.


There are numerous behaviors and signs that may be indications your spouse is cheating on you. We outlined the following 18 signs to look out for when you suspect infidelity or cheating:


  1. Your spouse becomes bored. He or she becomes bored with you and life with you in general.
  2. Your spouse seems to like thrills, danger or excitement in his or her life.
  3. The connection and intimacy in the relationship starts to vanish.
  4. Sex life becomes non-existent.
  5. Your spouse no longer exhibits jealousy about you regardless of what you say or do.
  6. He or she becomes more secretive and negative most of the time.
  7. Your spouse becomes overly critical of you.
  8. Otherwise minimal disagreements become big problems.
  9. You find it hard to talk or communicate with your significant other.
  10. Your spouse suddenly becomes more attentive than he or she used to be before.
  11. Your spouse becomes very defensive especially when you mention about having an affair or infidelity.
  12. Your spouse works longer than usual or arrives home late.
  13. Your spouse suddenly wants to dress nicely, begin a workout regimen, or develop sudden interest on his or her appearance.
  14. Your spouse is absent from events like holidays or birthdays.
  15. Finances become an issue between the two of you.
  16. He or she no longer wants to do anything or go anywhere with you.
  17. You feel that he or she is starting to avoid you.
  18. When asking for reassurance about infidelity or cheating, you do not really feel satisfied with the response of your spouse.


Your intuition and gut feelings are nothing to ignore. A Private Investigator with experience in Domestic Investigations can dig into the suspected actions of your spouse and get you the evidence or peace of mind that you need. The investigative results may be invaluable when going through a divorce where infidelity or cheating is suspected.