Why Pi-Hire?


Pi-Hire was designed to connect Clients with Private Investigators and provide a platform where they can communicate, share investigative results, and make payments in a trusted environment. At Pi-Hire, a Client can read reviews, rates, and qualifications of Investigators directly on the site. Also, Clients are given the opportunity to chat with Investigators prior to paying for services, ensuring the Investigator they decide to work with is the best fit for their investigative needs.


Pi-Hire eliminates the uncertainty many Clients have with securing investigative services on a freelance platform. Many freelance sites are geared toward niches such as writing, digital marketing, and design; however, we still find listings of questionable “Investigators” on these platforms. At Pi-Hire, Clients can review licensing information and qualifications for listed Investigators prior to making a financial commitment. Also, Pi-Hire provides content related to the investigative industry, to help inform Clients on the services Investigators provide and what to expect when seeking out investigative services.


We welcome any Client questions regarding investigative services via our contact form. All communications are strictly confidential.


We welcome you to the Pi-Hire Community and encourage you to explore the site and other content posted, which is constantly being updated.


– The Pi-Hire Team